Who We Are:

ForeverGold members at our Nebraska tailgateForeverGold members are alumni, parents, friends and fans of the University of Colorado Boulder. What started as the evolution of the Directors Club and former Lifetime members of the CU Boulder Alumni Association has grown to include anyone who is passionate about the future of CU Boulder. 

ForeverGold is more than a group of people. It's a movement for highly engaged alumni and friends to support and engage with the university.

What We Do:

We engage with CU Boulder and each other through exclusive academic, athletic and social activities. We care deeply for CU and work hard to help move the institution forward through supporting scholarships and capital construction projects in areas where we are passionate.

ForeverGold invests in 12 students annually by providing renewable scholarships valued at $4,000 and also has contributed to the renovation of Macky Auditorium, restoration of the flag pole on Old Main and enhancements to the Koenig Alumni Center. Thus far, ForeverGold members have generously given more than $220 million to scholarships, capital improvements and programs to impact the University of Colorado Boulder.

The power of connection — to each other and to CU — is ever present in ForeverGold, through a host of enrichment and networking events.

Proposed ForeverGold Board Leadership

The new ForeverGold board leadership slate is up for review. Voting to approve the new board will run June 24–29 and all ForeverGold members will be emailed a link to cast their vote. If you have any questions, please contact ForeverGold liaison Beth Lietaert.