The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations offers different job opportunities for academic, research, and administrative purposes throughout the year. Below you will find more information about the different kinds of positions.

Student Hourly

ALC hires student hourly employees for a variety of purposes. Some faculty hire students to support research activities or for assistance with some courses. Our language programs may also hire students to support the administration of the language programs. If you are a CU student and interested in working for the Department, please contact the specific faculty member or email Jackie Coombs.

Key responsibilities and hiring ranges for this kind of position are described on the Student Employment website.

Graduate Student Appointments

ALC offers Teaching Assistant (TA) and Graduate Part-Time Instructor (GPTI) positions to graduate students. TA and GPTI positions are considered graduate student teaching appointments so the compensation, benefits, and responsibilities are different from regular employees. These positions are part of the departmental funding opportunities offered to current and new incoming graduate students, and it is important to point out that graduate students must be active and enrolled or recently admitted in the Department before being eligible for these positions. If you need additional information, please email

For more information about compensation and benefits of this type of appointment, please visit the Graduate School website.

Temporary Faculty

ALC hires part-time Lecturers to cover a wide variety of teaching needs. If you are interested in joining ALC in a temporary faculty appointment, please email Jackie Coombs, attach a copy of your CV, and the ALC course(s) you would like to be considered for.

Key responsibilities will be teaching or clinical supervision in person, online, or a combination of both. For more information about compensation and the hiring process, please visit the A&S website.