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Admissions -; (303) 458-4900

ROTC Liaison - Fletcher Brown, Director Military and Veterans Services;

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Undergraduate Admissions

Step One: In-State Requirements

Regis University is a private school and does not offer in-state tuition. Learn more about Regis's current tuition.

Step Two: Apply to Regis

Apply for admission to Regis during your senior year of high school. We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible in the Fall of your senior year to ensure you receive the strongest consideration for scholarships and admission. 

Learn How to Apply to Regis

Step Three: Apply for Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Though it is not required to receive a scholarship in order to join Air Force ROTC at Regis, we encourage high school seniors to apply to the U.S. Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program (HSSP). You may be eligible for full or partial scholarships that help you pay for tuition. Apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship during your senior year of high school.

Learn More About ROTC Scholarships

Step Four: Apply for Regis Scholarships

Regis University offers scholarships based on financial need and academic merit. Check the link below for scholarships you may be eligible for.

Regis Scholarships


Regis University is a 4-year private university serving the Denver Metro area. Cadets are required to drive to Boulder for AS class and LLAB. Regis is the only Jesuit university in the Rocky Mountain region. 

Also, if you need further help, refer back to the main page click "How to Join" Tab, and then click "Step 4 Register for Class" to reference the Course Registration Briefing PowerPoint.

Register for AS Class and LLAB


Travel Time: ~30 min via CO-93

All Regis cadets are only required to drive to Boulder once or twice a week for AS class and LLAB. If you want to participate in extracurricular clubs or activities, expect to drive to Boulder more often. The cadet wing in the Denver Metro makes sure every cadet has transportation to Boulder and back.