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Bailee Mulholland

Bailee Mulholland on top of Mt. Sanitas

Featured Student:

Bailee Mulholland

PLC 2015

Bailee Mulholland is a second year PLCer with a diverse set of interests. Though she is currently majoring in Chinese, Bailee is also considering pursuing a second major in computer science or music. Bailee’s biggest interest though is her running career. She began running early in high school by joining the cross country team, and quickly fell in love with the sport. As a distance runner, Bailee loves being able push herself and test her limits. She ran her first marathon this past fall, and she is scheduled to run her first ultramarathon this spring.

As a member of the PLC community, Bailee is currently working on her upper-division walkabout, of which she was able to tie into her passion for running. With three of her high school friends, Bailee is visiting every state this summer to do a run that raises awareness for famous locations across the U.S., as well as funding for Alzheimer's research. She and her friends came up with the idea after a run along the Colorado trail that made them wish they could do it everyday of the summer. She is still working to finalize her itinerary, but Bailee is excited to be a part of such a unique project.

Aside from her love for running, Bailee enjoys doing yoga and is currently training to be a certified instructor. She also loves cooking healthy and delicious meals, as well as volunteering, whether it be through her service fraternity or at Boulder High where she helps coach the track team. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, as pictured in her photo.

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