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As a current PLC scholar, you have many resources at your disposal that are exclusive to PLC students. On this page you can access scholarship applications, walkabout contracts, internship opportunities, mentor profiles and contact information, and course descriptions. If you do not see what you need, you are always welcome to come into the PLC office to speak to the professional staff about what you need to be successful in PLC, at CU Boulder and as you get ready to leave university.

Josh Reinstein

Joshua Reinstein

Featured Student:

Joshua Reinstein

PLC 2013

Josh Reinstein is a graduating senior with a degree in Operations and Information Management at the Leeds School of Business. He has a passion for data analytics and sales that he has applied to many roles in his life. When he was younger, Josh used to fix items such as airsoft guns and resell them to earn a profit, sparking his interest in entrepreneurship. Along with inspiration from his father’s grit and determination, Josh hopes to branch out beyond his degree and one day and start his own company. Josh is interested in breaking into untapped industries, and he wants to use his skills to create new and innovative products and services.

In his free time, Josh is a member of the Leeds Scholars Program and is also on the PLC Board of Advocates. He believes his time in PLC greatly boosted his confidence, enabling him to realize he can be successful in an environment full of high-caliber students. His favorite part of PLC has been the classes and professors, as they have pushed him harder than ever before. He explains that they didn’t urge him to memorize information, but rather to do the best he could and to always push his limits.   

Josh describes himself as hyper because he always feels the need to keep his hands and mind busy. He loves spending time mountain biking and long-boarding, as well as participating in many other outdoor adventure sports. Though he is originally from Massachusetts, Josh loves Colorado and doesn’t see himself leaving anytime soon.

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