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Ryan Friedman

Ryan Friedman- PLC 2013

Featured Student:

Ryan Friedman

PLC 2013 - PLC Student Leader of the Year

Senior, Ryan Friedman (PLC 2013) is living out the PLC mission within, and beyond, his academics. As a Chemical and Biological Engineer, Ryan is a hardworking individual aspiring to, one day, be a doctor. As a scholar in the Medical Scholars Program, Ryan is guaranteed admission to the University of Colorado School of Medicine at Anschutz, where he will begin attending the fall of 2017. Ever since he was little, Ryan knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. As a child playing T-Ball, Ryan used to run up to injured players and smile at them, knowing there was nothing more he could do to really help the situation. As recently as sophomore year at CU Boulder, Ryan decided to pursue his EMT certification; after doing so, Ryan helped relieve a cancer patient’s pain, calling it the most powerful impact he had ever had. Since that day, Ryan knew he wanted to feel that sense of purpose and be able to help patients every day.

Outside of medicine, Ryan enjoys being active. As a catcher for the CU Men’s Club Baseball Team, Ryan enjoys participating in athletics and being part of a team. He also enjoys running, swimming, and biking, and managed to complete his first triathlon last summer. Ryan is also passionate about education and hopes to one day teach medical students and lead a cultural shift in healing patients rather than just treating them.

Ryan Friedman playing baseball

Friedman throws for an out at second as the catcher for the CU Men's Club Baseball Team.

Ryan is also a very active member of the PLC community and is serving in his third role as a student staff member. Hoping to improve the community between cohorts, Ryan served as the Community Fellow as a junior, working to create PLC wide social events and cohort cohesion. This past fall, Ryan served as the CF for Global Issues in Leadership and is now the Co-Director of Recruitment and Selection. He explains how PLC has been the best part of his college career, and he hopes to use his current role to set the program up for future success.

Ryan also attributes his time in PLC to helping him enhance his career aspirations. “With so many different types of people,” Ryan explains, “being surrounded by a group of people who share the desire to make a positive impact pushed me to reconsider moving beyond a career in medicine and expanding into education.” With all of his drive, Ryan was recently nominated as PLC’s Student Leader of the Year. He is recently interview for the Colorado Leadership Alliance Student of the Year with eleven other university representatives across the state.