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Blake Biskner

Blake Biskner

Featured Student:

Blake Biskner

PLC 2014

Written by Sarah Olson - Social Media Coordinator

With a passion for solving problems, PLC senior, Blake Biskner (PLC ’14), is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to continue his engineering degree in graduate school. Seeing the movie Iron Man when he was 12 years old sparked his interest in mechanical engineering, but this spark soon grew into a flame when he took engineering courses at his middle school. Blake finds the structure of the protocols and algorithms involved in his major to be a great framework that he can then exercise creativity and innovation within. This semester he is a project manager in his Senior Design Projects course that focuses on engineering for social innovation.

Ultimately, Blake is interested in using engineering to fix problems in the community. With this purpose in mind, he finds that the technique of human-centered design, taught and used in PLC’s first year course, to be an invaluable tool that he continually uses to approach problem solving - he can look at problems through the lens of the people for whom he is designing a solution. When asked for advice he would give an incoming PLC student, Blake said, “Come in prepared to be humbled.” Blake’s experience in PLC thus far has taught him how much he can learn from his peers and to fully take advantage of engaging with the incredible students that are a part of the program.

Blake is a hard worker and a frequenter of Norlin Library. He shared an insider tip that the rolling whiteboards available in study rooms at Norlin really “change your perspective on group work.” Outside of classes and Norlin, Blake lives in the Evans Scholars House with over fifty other scholars, one of which is his sister. Family is a big priority for Blake and he enjoys being able to check in on his sister and visit his parents who live in Colorado Springs. Whenever Blake feels he has a lot on his plate, he thinks about his father’s intense experiences as a firefighter to gain perspective and inspiration and to continue to work for what he is passionate about.

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