Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado Boulder

Lorna Christoff

Lecturer • Center for Education on Social Responsibility

Koelbel 345F


In addition to her law degree and familiarity with tax law, Lorna has experience in many facets of the financial markets. She has worked in residential mortgages, mutual and hedge funds, and consumer banking. In addition, she owned and managed a real estate investment company that managed its own properties and provided property management services to other real estate owners: over 200 residential units at a time.

Lorna earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from CU-Boulder, and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver. She regularly teaches BCOR 3010 “Business Applications of Social Responsibility” and will begin co-teaching CESR 4000 “Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage” in Fall 2011. Periodically, she teaches summer sections of BCOR 1010 “Introduction to Business” and serves as a BCOR 1010 discussion leader. Prior to teaching at Leeds, Lorna served as the Program Coordinator for CESR (Center for Education on Social Responsibility), which administers BCOR 1010, BCOR 3010, CESR 4000, and other upper-division electives.

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