Access Services provides new keys and key replacements to university staff and faculty.

Your Buff OneCard can be programmed to give you after-hours access to buildings and special access to elevators.

How to Request Service


To receive after-hours building access with your Buff OneCard, complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522. 


To receive special access to elevators with your Buff OneCard, contact Access Services at 303-492-6609.

You can request assistance with ADA access, exterior and interior doors.

How to Request Service

ADA Access

To recieve ADA door access assistance, complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Interior and Exterior Doors

For master keying development, maintenance, and repairs of interior and exterior doors, complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

The Elevator Shop oversees inspections (performance, quality, safety and code compliance), testing, maintenance, and repairs. It responds to all other elevator issues (entrapments, security, fire fighter operations, and more). 

How to Request Service

Maintenance and Repair:

To report an elevator problem, complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522. 

Special Access:

To receive special access to elevators with your Buff OneCard, contact Access Services at 303-492-6609.

Violations of these export control regulations can lead to significant civil and criminal penalties. The OVCR is developing a document detailing this issue. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Linda Morris.

In order to receive a non-housing university key you must have an active Buff OneCard, Departmental Card, or Guest Card. You will then need to get approval from your Key Liaison. To find out who your Key Liaison is, contact Access Services at 303-492-6609. The form, along with your Buff OneCard or other card, must be taken to Access Services (lower level of Folsom Stadium, Gate 8, Rm.1B11), in order to have your key issued.

What do I do if I lose my key(s)?

Make a police report about the lost key(s) then inform your Key Liaison, so he/she can fill out replacement key cards after the police report is made.

Is there a replacement fee for lost keys?

Yes, there is a replacement fee for lost or stolen keys, but there is no fee for broken keys if you return the head part of the broken key.

What are the fees or deposits for a key?

Access Services has a schedule for fees and deposits, which are regularly updated.  Please feel free to call 303-492-6609 to inquire of the latest changes.

If I want a key, can I go to Access Services for it?

Without proper authorization, no keys will be issued. Access Services will help direct you to where you will need to go to get authorization.

If I am leaving my position, can I give my keys to my replacement?

No! You are responsible for the keys issued to you and you must return those keys upon your departure.

Contact: Access Services


Maintenance, repairs, and re-keying of doors and specialty locks.

How to Request Service

Complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Procedures and Guidelines for University of Colorado Boulder Special Building “Restricted Access” Limitations / Export Control

Building Restricted Access Export Control (Important - you must have a CU identikey and password to access this document)

  • This document is meant to outline special building access requests from University of Colorado Boulder community, specifically, building users, researchers, managers and Proctors.
  • These requests for “Restricted Access” have been added, as a note, for requested special access requirements, to the work orders which are generated by the FAMIS Computerized Maintenance Management System.
  • The building MUST be on the work order for this note to generate.
  • Neither this document/website, listing the special/restricted access requests or the actual note on the work order; is maintained for any security purposes and only provides requested access information for front line staffs interface with our building users.
  • It is the sole responsibility of any University of Colorado Boulder staff member to inform contractors who are hired to work at the university, in our buildings, of these requested special access notes.
  • The building users, researchers, managers or proctors who request these access limitations be put on work orders, are responsible to enforce the rules set forth and to provide Facilities with up-to-date information regarding these spaces.
  • Facilities Operations responsibility is limited to honoring our building users access limitation request to the best of our ability and to informing contractors hired by Facilities Operations Trades as to the nature of these requested access limitations.
  • This compiled list of requested building access limitations is not maintained or updated unless specifically requested.

Contact Us

Contact - Lisa Bechard or 303-492-6501 or Carolina Pire or 303-492-1426  for updates or changes to the work order note.