Graduate Overview

The EBIO graduate program provides advanced training in a wide variety of biological disciplines ranging from Biogeochemistry to Community Ecology to Evolutionary Genetics. The goal of the EBIO graduate program is to produce scientists, educators, and citizens who are equipped with skills to build careers that advance knowledge about life on Earth. Graduates of the EBIO program are well-positioned to pursue a wide range of careers that include academia, science education, wildlife biology, conservation biology, resource management, environmental consulting, and environmental law.

Our disciplinary strengths include behavior, ecology, genetics, morphology, and systematics. Roughly half of the faculty focus on the adaptation and functioning of organisms in the context of environment, while the other half study higher levels of organization, including populations, communities, and ecosystems. Our research programs have relevance for global change, conservation biology, and revealing fundamental mechanisms underlying the structural and functional adaptations of organisms.

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