• A silhouetted photographer in a grassy field is depicted in a banner for the Exposure project.

    Ani Yahzid, the Importance of Wilderness, and the Exposure Project

    EBIO student Ani Yahzid is working on a series of independent films, called The Exposure Project, in an effort to give children who lack easy access to wilderness a chance to become familiar and involved with nature.

  • several plates of lichen showcasing its diversity

    Erin Tripp talks lichen science on CPR

    Colorado Matters host, Nathan Heffel speaks with Erin Tripp about lichens, her new book, and Colorado biology.

  • EBIO Student Eve Beaury conducts research on Niwot Ridge.

    See what EBIO's undergraduates are doing and discovering!

    From crabs to honeybees to biological soil crust, our undergraduates are taking on a wide range of research topics worldwide.

  • deep lake - white river pleteau - photo by jeff mitton

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  • Researchers gather on Niwot Ridge

    Long-term ecological research will continue at Niwot Ridge

    Recent article in CU Boulder Today details NSF renewal grant and history of visionary research site

  • The Citadel, Bears Ears National Monument. Vast canyon landscape peppered with shrubs - photo by Jeff Mitton

    Sale of Utah's Comb Ridge reminds us of tragedy of Hetch Hetchy

    Story by Jeff Mitton

  • View of the Flatirons - photo by Jeff Mitton

    From all of us in EBIO

    A statement in light of the 2016 election

  • handling shot of a Least chipmunk

    Why so many species on mountains?

    A recent article out of the McCain Lab highlighting evolutionary and ecological aspects important to animal diversity on mountains

  • Boreal toads during the metamorphosis phase

    Purple bacteria protects toads​

    The McKenzie lab is using boreal toads' microbiomes to help them ward off a deadly fungus in the Rockies

  • Students from EBIO 4660/5660 holding their completed dyed scarves.

    Innovative Courses: Insect Biology: EBIO 4660/5660

    Students from Insect Biology lab dyeing silk with a dye made from ground up cochineal insects.

  • Erin Tripp with lichen species she discovered.

    Erin Tripp discovers new lichen species in Boulder

    Read more about Erin and the new lichen species, Lecidea hoganii and Candelariella clarkiae

  • Giardia lamblia SEM 8698 lores photo credit: Pieter Johnson

    Ecology advancing the fight against infectious diseases

    A new paper co-authored by a University of Colorado Boulder professor - Pieter Johnson, is advancing a multidisciplinary framework that could provide a better mechanistic understanding of emerging outbreaks.

  • Bighorn sheep in clear creek canyon, photo by Jeff Mitton

    Inbreeding not to blame for Colorado’s bighorn sheep population decline

    EBIO Graduate student and lead author of the study, Catherine Driscoll challenges the common hypothesis - that inbreeding is to blame for recent bighorn sheep population decline

  • Students working in a lab, measuring insects.

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