Bree Orozco

Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Advising

Koelbel S210K

My favorite thing about advising students is the chance to develop relationships. I love it when I get to meet a student during Orientation and make a connection that sticks throughout that student's college career. Getting to see students graduate is the happiest part of my job and I really enjoy working with students to individualize their 4 year plans. I have worked with students to fit in study abroad, certificates, minors, and jobs, as well as their personal goals like playing in a band or skiing. Planning for graduation is like putting together pieces of a puzzle to make everything fit for the student and I feel privileged to have a role in helping students make the most of their experience at CU. I also love hearing students' stories and strive to provide a listening ear whether they want to discuss a class schedule or a conflict with a roommate.

I'm an Iowa native and received my BA in Psychology from the University of Iowa. I earned my Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and spent several years there working for an agency that supports individuals with disabilities. When I'm not advising students you can find me out for a run with my little girl in the jogging stroller. Other favorite Colorado activities are hiking and camping in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. A passion of mine is photography. I see beauty everywhere and I embrace opportunities to try to capture what I see with my camera.

I look forward to meeting you!