Fill out the form below to join the Global Gender and Sexuality Studies Certificate program, open to any CU Boulder undergraduation but requiring the completion of the program's course requirements (listed below). For more information, contact

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To complete the certificate, a total of 18 credit hours are required, 12 of which must be upper division classes.

Required courses:
• Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context (WGST 2600)

  • Global Gender Issues (WGST 3500)
  • Gender, Sexuality and Global Health (WGST 3510)
  • Gender and Sexuality in Africa (WGST 3520)
  • Women and Politics in Latin America (WGST 3650)
  • Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGST 3711/3712)
  • Feminist Fictions (WGST 3767)
  • Gender, Genocide, & Mass Trauma (WGST 4010/SOCY 4000)
  • Sex, Power, Politics: International Perspectives (WGST 4300)
  • Gender Politics and Global Activism (WGST 4500)
  • Global History of Sexuality (WGST 4620)

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (WGST 2050)
  • Exploring Culture and Gender through Film (ANTH 1170)
  • Language and Gender (LING 2400)
  • Women and Development (WGST 3012)
  • Women, Gender, & Sexuality in Jewish Texts & Traditions (JWST/HEBR 3202)
  • Women in Nordic Society: Modern States of Welfare (SCAN/WMST 3208)
  • American Indian Women (ETHN 3213/WGST 3210)
  • Women in Islam (WGST 3220)
  • Gender, Sexuality and Culture in the Modern Middle East (WGST/ARAB 3410)
  • Gender, Race, Sexuality and Global Migration (WGST 3670)
  • Gender and the Global Economy (WGST 3672)
  • Screening Race, Class, & Gender in the U.S. & Global Borderland (ETHN/FILM 4001)
  • Gender, Race, and Immigration in Germany & Europe (WGST 4301)
  • Globalization and Transnational Culture (ANTH 4505)
  • Women in East Asian History (HIST/WGST 4619)
  • Women, Gender, and War (HIST/WGST 4640)
Other courses may be accepted upon approval of the WGST Director of Undergraduate Studies.

List below the additional courses that you have taken or are that are in progress that will satisfy the requirements for the certificate program. Completion of the certificate requires 5 additional elective courses, of which at least 4 are upper-division.

  • Credits earned at other institutions may be transferred in partial fulfillment of the requirements upon approval of the program director. No more than 6 credit hours of transferred coursework may be applied to the certificate.
  • Students must receive a C- or better in the accepted courses
  • No pass/fail credits will count toward the requirements of the program

Please submit this form to be added as a student in the Global Gender and Sexuality Studies Certificate program. We will review your information and contact you with further information once you have been enrolled. If you have any questions, please email us at

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