Published: Sept. 27, 2023
Marquise Theatre Headliner awning is pictured with a person in a red shirt standing above the awning, placing letters "We are Coming Ysidora Alcantara Geronimo Ynosincio Felix Alcantara"
W Fashion magazine cover pictures a person with brown skin and dark brown hair posed in a city landscape with metallic eyeshadow and a leapord print short sleeve jump suit
5280 Magazine cover pictures a person in long black bike shorts and colorful bike jersey biking on a gravel road away from the viewer in waterton canyon just outside of Denver, CO

CU Boulder Professor’s, Emmanuel David and Yumi Janairo Roth are highlighted in local newspapers, The Ampersand Podcast, and more for their collaboration in “We Are Coming” a traveling art installation showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s upcoming exhibition “Cowboy”. The exhibit examines how the myth of the cowboy exists today, with regard to gender archetypes, assumptions and relationships between the cowboy and the land, aiming to break apart the homogenous ideal of the cowboy as a white, cisgender, American male contemporarily and across history.