SoaresDr. Kristie Soares, assistant professor in women and gender studies, has been selected as a recipient of the Best Should Teach Gold Award. With this award, Soares joins an elite group of dedicated scholars, recognized for their exceptional talents in teaching and academic leadership that exemplify award founders Lindley and Marguerite Stiles’ message that “The Best Should Teach."

This year's selection committee commended Soares' teaching record and likewise took into consideration the many students who wrote on their behalf. As one student noted: "Dr. Soares is absolutely the best teacher I have ever had, period. I have taken several classes with Dr. Soares, and the way they set up the room is very intentional. For Women of Color and Activism and Latina/x Studies, they set up the room in a circle, as to make the learning a dialogue rather than a lecture. She is an incredible model for me. I would love to see them be recognized for all that they do for me and others. It is especially impressive that they do this work for a large number of students, not just me. And my experience is not unique. They should absolutely, beyond a doubt, be recognized for all that they do."

Join us in congratulating Dr. Soares on this honor!