Published: April 26, 2021


The conventional route to producing sulfuric acid is via the contact process. The first step in this process is sulfur combustion which yields 12% SO2 in air, resulting in larger downstream reactors and more energy consumption than if a higher concentration SO2 stream was used.


This novel process for producing pure SO2 using chemical looping can be used in place of sulfur combustion to simplify downstream conversion of SO2 to sulfuric acid, resulting in an overall process that may be more energy efficient, produce less SO2 emissions, and reduce CapEx for producing a new sulfuric acid plant. This technology was developed in the Charles Musgrave lab at CU Boulder.

chemical looping sulfur oxidation graphic


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced SO2 emissions

What's Next?

This technology is looking for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing opportunities.


Nicole Forsberg: