Launching Space Biology will bring around 40 scientists and early-career researchers from around the world, to learn and discuss the novel interdisciplinary field of space biology.

On the 5 days we will focus on 5 key themes:

  • Day 1: Space Biology Experiments (Hardware)
  • Day 2: Space Biology Experiments (Science)
  • Day 3: Funding and Opportunities
  • Day 4: Industry and Innovation
  • Day 5: Future: Deep Space Biology Experiments

Thus, during the workshop, there will be:

  • Space Agency talks (e.g. ESA, NASA opportunities, and calls for space biology missions)
  • Research talks from PIs involved in space biology missions (e.g. mission design, science results)
  • Tech Company talks (e.g. hardware development, payload operations):
  • Sharing and Discussion sessions
  • Team work sessions
  • Industry tour: visit facilities of BioServe Space Technologies, and tour of Sierra Space

During team work sessions participants of the workshop will

  • contribute to write “guidelines for launching space biology research” that address both local and global needs.
  • work in teams to conceptualize a space biology mission (e.g. to the ISS, or the Moon).

Young researchers and young professionals will also have the opportunity to be mentored by 4 experts, who will participate in the workshop sessions. These experts are:

  • Adrianna Blachowicz, NASA JPL
  • Rosa Santormartino, UK Center Astrobiology
  • Adrienne Kish, National Museum of Natural History
  • Fathi Karouia, NASA Ames

What else is included?

  • The registration fee of $100 covers participation in the workshop, lunch and snacks during the workshop as well as one networking dinner
  • Funded participants with a scholarships will be reimbursed for the airfare and accomodation. The registration and any ESTA/Visa fees are still the responsibility of the participant. Details will be provided directly to the participants after acceptance.