Launching Space Biology Workshop

May 22-26, 2023

Boulder, CO, United States

What Is It?

We are organizing a 5-day workshop called “Launching Space Biology”. It will take place from May 22-26 2023, in Boulder, USA. The workshop aims to support research in the novel interdisciplinary field of space biology, by bringing together 40-50 senior scientists and early-career researchers (doctoral students and postdocs) from around the world as well as important stakeholders as invited speakers (ESA and NASA space agencies, universities and research institutions; and technology companies).

The final goal is to achieve “guidelines for launching new initiatives in space biology research” that address both local and global needs. Additionally, young professionals, mentored by experts, will work in teams to design a space biology mission (e.g. ISS, or Moon). Interested parties will also be able to lay down terms of cooperation (e.g. joint research; student exchange) as we encourage memorandums of understanding (MoUs) to be signed.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is targeted to doctoral students and postdocs that are interested or are already planning to launch a space biology experiment. There is a participation fee of $100 to be paid by the participant after selection to secure the spot. Applications are open to participants from all countries however, travel and participation scholarships are currently only available for participants from select countries (Germany, USA, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, and Guatemala).

How To Apply?

Applications are closed at this time.