Frequently Asked Questions

What are tryouts?: Trying out is the only thing you need to do to join CU Mock Trial. We don't do cuts, meaning that if you try out, you'll get a spot on our team no matter what!

What kind of person are we looking for to try out?: ANYONE AND EVERYONE. We don't care if you are an engineering major, someone with eight years of mock trial experience, someone with no mock trial experience, someone who wants to be a lawyer, or someone who wants to be an astronaut. Any kind of person can benefit from mock trial and be a valuable contribution to our team.

Why do we do tryouts?: Tryouts are meant to measure skill level, to the extent that tryouts can accurately show skill. Our biggest tip is to not overthink these auditions––you will have plenty of other opportunities to show your knowledge and skill throughout the season. While tryouts will be used to place you on your first team, the final team you will be competing with during regionals will be decided based on your performance, dedication, and sportsmanship during our practices, scrimmages, and competitions.

More than anything, our September tryouts are meant to weed out people who are completely unwilling to speak in front of a small audience. Mock trial is a sport of public speaking, and only those who are willing to have the bravery to step up to speak in the first place can be successful. Simply showing up to auditions is a massive step in your mock trial journey, and we are always ecstatic to work with anyone who is willing to take this first step, regardless of how smoothly your audition goes!

How do tryouts work?: Your tryout will last roughly 15 minutes. You will be asked to prepare two things based on the season's case packet: (1) an opening statement and (2) a cross-examination. Then, we will ask you a question or two about yourself (to get to know you and to get an idea of how quickly you think on your feet). We will upload basic information on how to do these tasks on this page sometime at the end of July. We recognize that many students are coming in never having done mock trial before, and we take this into account during auditions. We aren't looking for experts––we are only looking for students to try their best with the knowledge and skills they currently possess!

When are auditions?: September (exact dates TBD)

Where will auditions be?: Wolf Law (room TBD)

Who will be watching my audition?: CU Mock Trial's presidents (Lindsey Harriman & Jess Cannella) and coaches will be present at your audition.

Please email if you want to receive information about tryouts, which will become avaliable in August!