The Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of student officers who lead and manage the mock trial program. Our current executive board is comprised of:

President: Tam Vo


Chair of Finance and Fundraising: Sarah Bian

Chair of Travel and Tournaments: Noah Durrance

Chair of Boulder Battle:


Former Presidents of the CU Mock Trial Program

Angelo Histropolis: 2016 - 2017

Emily Wassel:        2017 - 2018

O'Ryan Gloer:        2018 - 2019

Claire Johnson:      2019 - 2020

Malea Vitt:              2020 - 2021

Aidan Wiemer:       2021 - 2022 & 2022 - 2023

Team Captains

The team captains' role is to meet with the opposing captains of each team prior to each round to hear announcements, receive ballots, select witnesses, and show demonstratives to the opposing captains.

CU Boulder Black Team:

  • Shelby Sawyer
  • Justin Dasher

CU Boulder Silver Team:

  • Sarah Bian
  • Josh Mayer

CU Boulder Gold Team:​