The Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder was founded in February 2012. It is one of over 100 student chapters nationwide who collaborate with and support the professional Biomedical Engineering Society.

Our mission is to introduce students to the profession of biomedical engineering, expand their knowledge of tools and techniques used in the field, and develop members’ leadership and professional qualities through a variety of professional networking, social events, outreach events, and guest speakers.

The BMES Student Chapter at CU Boulder generally meets every week to every other week, and regularly hosts guest speakers and panels. Our guest speakers come from a variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in speaking, please send us an email! We would love to have you.

Here is an idea of just some of the things you could participate in through CU BMES:

  • Visiting our career symposium each fall to learn and connect with all types of engineering companies throughout the US
  • Getting an internship, contacts, or even a job at our semesterly Biomedical Networking Event
  • Figuring out if you want to go to grad school, med school, or into industry by asking your questions at our panel events
  • Going on Industry Tours of local biomedical companies to get an idea of the industry space in Colorado
  • Listening to engaging guest speakers from academia and industry
  • Joining one of our BMES Projects teams to collaborate with your peers and get hands on experience designing biomedical devices in collaboration with a local company
  • Attending/traveling with us to the national BMES Annual Meeting for seminars, networking, and more
  • Making connections with other students who are engaged and passionate about biomedical engineering

If you are interested in joining the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter at CU Boulder, please subscribe to our emails, and like our Facebook page. We are also on Insta @cubmes !