A man stands at a podium, enthusiastically speaking to a large group of students.
Guest Speakers
Students peer into machinery at the AstraZeneca manufacturing facility.
Industry Tours

Our chapter hosts a career symposium each fall on campus at CU. With this, we aim to bring in companies who hail from a variety of presitigious teaching, research and industry positions throughtout the engineering and biotech worlds. 

BMES also highlights numerous varying guest speckers throughout the acedemic year. 

In addition, we participate in industry tours throughout the year. We visit variuos biotech companies throughout Colorado to learn more about the work enviorment for specifc engineering positions. 

Along with those events, our chapter has also created a memtorship program for our students. In this program, underclassmen will be paired with uppperclass student to help them navigate college and specific biomedical engineering issues that they might come across. 


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