May 2020 | ARMOR premieres its new podcast, ARMOR on the Air!


ARMOR on the Air podcast


We started a podcast! We discuss the antimicrobial resistance crisis and what we as members of the public can do to help! Join our hosts, graduate student Dana and Danish pharmacist Karoline, as we learn more about superbugs and how to stop them! 

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March 2020 | ARMOR makes cover of CU Engineering Magazine

Dana tabling


Handing out swag

We were featured on the cover of CU Engineering magazine! 

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February 2020 | ARMOR featured on CU Engineering Podcast On CUE

We were interviewed for the CU College of Engineering podcast! 

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August 2019 | ARMOR students visit Boulder Farmer's Market

Max and SkyPilot at Farmer's Market

Max and Jocelyn with produce

Farmer's Market

ARMOR members Max, Jocelyn, and Colleen visited the Boulder Farmer's Market and chatted with local producers about antibiotic use in agriculture.

June 2019 | ARMOR students teach underrepresented high school students about Antimicrobial Resistance

Teaching PCDP


Teaching PCDP 3

CU Boulder graduate students help a program called the Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) by teaching about antimicrobial resistance with hands-on activities. 

PCDP brings underrepresented high school juniors to the CU Boulder campus for a 3 week session to experience life on a college campus. With classes on scientific writing, research, and presentations, students who may not otherwise have considered attending college are left better prepared for their futures.

Two graduate students in CO-ARC co-founder Dr. Anushree Chatterjee's lab, Dana Stamo and Jocelyn Campos, taught students about DNA, cell membranes, evolution, and antibiotics. Students walked away from the class understanding quantum dot technologies and how they can be used to revolutionize treatment for multi-drug resistant infections.