If you have any questions about membership, outreach, or any business inquiries, feel free to reach out to any of our team leaders.

Colleen McCollum | colleen.mccollum@colorado.edu

Dana Stamo | dana.stamo@colorado.edu

Jocelyn Campos | jocelyn.campos@colorado.edu

If you have project updates or ideas, reach out to the leader of the committee that focuses on your project scope. Committees with an * are being temporarily filled by our team leaders; if you'd like to take over one of these sphere, please email colleen.mccollum@colorado.edu.

  • Medical Community Outreach—Connects with hospitals, clinics, and individuals such as doctors, nurses, PAs, vets, etc.
  • Academic and Industry Community Outreach—Connects with other universities, industry, companies, start-ups etc.
  • General Public Community Outreach—Connects with public libraries, schools, local businesses and restaurants, etc.
  • International Liaison—Communicates with schools, hospitals, businesses, or companies in other countries to plan joint projects and get inspired. Sends monthly updates to ARMOR National.