ARMOR on the Air

We have uploaded up to Episode 19 right now! Let me know if you have fun episode ideas. You can also be involved by sending us up to a page of facts and info on a topic that we can use to build a script, or by being a guest on the show!

You can find the podcast on Spotify, RadioPublic, and others.  Listen On Spotify

We maintain a schedule of planning the script over the weekend, finalizing the script with everyone and choosing upcoming topics at Tuesday meetings, recording Thursday (at 3:45pm this semester – same Zoom link as weekly meetings), and editing over the next week for release of episodes on the following Friday.

Dana and Karoline are our awesome hosts, and Shane is doing editing! Again, let us know if you’d like to be on, and what topics you’re most interested in! We can do it all over Zoom and with phone recordings.

Social Media

In order to better facilitate social media posting and website upkeep, we decided to have people sign up to be in charge of making certain types of posts! So for example, one person who posts about podcast episodes, one who posts on scientific papers relating to AMR, one who posts flipboards to Instagram, etc.

Language Accessibility

We would like to offer some of our ARMOR materials in other languages (mainly our pamphlets on What is AMR?, being prescribed antibiotics from your doctor, and antibacterial soap). Those of you who are multilingual or have multilingual friends, let us know! The drafting for this will be on the drive.

Why Didn't I Receive Antibiotics Today?

Many students feel frustrated when they go to the doctor and aren't given antibiotics. We created pamphlets that describe how antibiotics work and possible reasons why antibiotics were not prescribed. Through a developing collaboration with Wardenburg and other local clinics, we hope to educate patients on antibiotics and encourage using them sustainably. 

General Activity

We are completely remote this semester! All in-person activity is on hold. Past in-person activities include:

  • Visiting Boulder's Farmer's Market to talk to vendors about the use of antibiotics on their farms as well as promote responsible use of antibiotics in agriculture
  • Make Your Own Antimicrobial-free Soap
  • Connect with other health-focused student organizations (like Health Promotion) on campus and come up with collaborative events and activities
  • Connect with health or biotech industries in the area for collaborative events or interviews
  • The Get Involved Fair and tabling on campus