Boulder Community Outreach

Boulder County Farmers' Market

The ARMOR squad will visit the local Farmers' Market (on 13th St, between Arapahoe and Canyon) Wednesday, July 24 around 4:00 p.m.. We'll be chatting with local farmers about antimicrobials in agriculture, the overuse of which perpetuates the rise of superbugs and lack of responsibility for community health and medicine. Our local farmers are a great example of sustainable use of antimicrobials—with more care for their crops and animals, antibiotics are not even necessary!

Medical Community Outreach

Why Didn't I Receive Antibiotics Today?

Many students feel frustrated when they go to the doctor and aren't given antibiotics. We are creating pamphlets that describe how antibiotics work and possible reasons why antibiotics were not prescribed. Through a developing collaboration with Wardenburg and other local clinics, we hope to educate patients on antibiotics and encourage using them sustainably. 

Professional Speakers & Interviews

We are reaching out to CU Anschutz and Boulder City Hospital in search of a speaker who can tell us about antibiotic stewardship practices at their locations as well as doctors and nurses who are willing to be interviewed about their experiences and perspectives on antimicrobial resistance. 


We are currently developing several ideas for projects:

  • Visit Boulder's Farmer's Market to talk to vendors about the use of antibiotics on their farms as well as promote responsible use of antibiotics in agriculture
  • Antimicrobial Soap Trade-In Drive or Make Your Own Antimicrobial-free Soap
  • Reach out to grocery stores to talk about their carrying antimicrobial soaps and meat or dairy treated with antibiotics
  • Present to local schools and public libraries about antimicrobial resistance
  • Connect with other health-focused student organizations on campus and come up with collaborative events and activities
    • Already reached out to Health Promotion
  • Connect with health or biotech industries in the area for collaborative events or interviews
  • This August, we will be tabling at the Get Involved Fair... with popsicles

We need committee leaders!

Our structure calls for 4 committee leaders to serve as our point-people for outreach to specific communities. This is an excellent way to demonstrate leadership and organization (and you can totally put this on your resumé). Committee leaders will have the following responsibilities:

  • Be the first contact person for ideas on outreach to your community and progress reports
  • Keep track of how members are contributing to projects in your committee
  • Give weekly updates on progress and plans from your committee at ARMOR meetings

Since we still want to organize projects while we recruit, current members have stepped in to available committee leader roles. Roles marked with an * are available and we need leaders soon! Please contact if you are interested in serving as a committee leader. General members can be a part of one or more committees depending on where and how much you want to get involved! Current committee leaders are:

  • Medical Community Outreach—Connects with hospitals, clinics, and individuals such as doctors, nurses, PAs, vets, etc.
  • *Academic and Industry Community Outreach—Connects with other universities, industry, companies, start-ups etc.
  • *General Public Community Outreach—Connects with public libraries, schools, local businesses and restaurants, etc.
  • *International Liaison—Communicates with schools, hospitals, businesses, or companies in other countries to plan joint projects and get inspired. Sends monthly updates to ARMOR National.