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Kade Eisen, 2022-2023 club president
Kade Eisen
President • He/Him
2022-2023 Board
Solus Thompson, 2022-2023 vice president
Solus Thompson
Vice President • all pronouns
2022-2023 Board
Cove Kramer, 2022-2023 treasurer
Cove Kramer
Treasurer • He/Him
2022-2023 Board
Sappho Teague, 2022-2023 secretary
Sappho Teague
Secretary • They/Them
2022-2023 Board
Evelyn Hoffman is the 2022-2023 communications coordinator for oSTEM.
Evelyn Hoffman
Communications Coordinator • She/Her
2022-2023 Board
Jordan Byrd, 2022-2023 Social Media Coordinator.
Jordan Byrd
Social Media Coordinator
2022-2023 Board