Joining oSTEM @ the University of Colorado, Boulder as a student member is completely free. There are no chapter nor national dues. Simply come to our weekly meetings to learn more and get involved in our events and outreach programs.

Both Involved Members and General Members are able to vote in oSTEM elections and are included in the membership roster which will be sent to BOLD to fulfill society scholarship requirements (Note: you don't have to be a BOLD scholar to be an oSTEM member). Involved members have the added benefit of being eligible to run for office and being preferred picks for funded travel opportunities. 

In the case of a regularly occurring conflict that interferes with attendance necessary for membership, members can communicate with a board member and discuss alternative accommodations for the duration of the semester.

Membership Requirements

To be considered an Official Member, students must attend at least five meetings for a semester.

Please note the Official Member status is primarily relevant for CU Boulder scholarship requirements. There are no special features to the Official Member status otherwise.