This form is for those interested in being a proofreader or a judge for the Creative Pathways Writing Workshop and Contest. The workshop and contest is open to LGBTQ+ identifying high school students. 

We prefer that proofreaders have experience in university-level writing workshops. We also want individuals who either identify as an advocate or LGBTQ+. Experience in a field of STEM is also a plus. Not all volunteers will be accepted; we will get in touch if we think you will be a good fit for the program.  

You will be asked to read two stories and proofread them closely as well as offer constructive criticism for the story. The stories will be capped at 10 pages with a 1" margin, double spaced, and times new roman 12 pt font (there is no lower page limit for the stories). There is a chance we will only need you to read, proofread, and offer constructive criticism for one story. Workshop participants can submit a rough draft for a story any time in July before or on July 20th. 

There is also an opportunity to be a judge for the writing contest. At the present moment, we have no idea how many submissions we will receive so we cannot predict exactly how many pages you will need to read. If we receive a large number of submissions, we will try to put judges into groups and split the submissions among members of the group. We will be judging the submissions during the first week of August. 

If not applicable, write N/A.