Published: April 9, 2024

Beta Gamma Nu FraternityThe Multicultural Greek Council continues to expand at CU Boulder. Fraternity & Sorority Life has welcomed the council’s seventh organization and third fraternity—Beta Gamma Nu Fraternity, Inc. The organization returned to campus in February 2024 and has been working to build its inaugural class. 

Here are four things to know about the BeeGees, what they stand for and how you can join the organization. 

A new kind of fraternity 

Beta Gamma Nu prides itself on being distinct from the traditional Greek system. Among the fraternal community, Beta Gamma Nu is relatively new, established in 1997 at the University of Southern California. Students there discovered a need for peers to find a sense of belonging rooted in culture. 

The founders created the organization with that value at its heart. The fraternity was established on the principles of pride in culture, brotherhood in arms and respect for all life.  

Beta Gamma Nu is a diverse group, motivated to succeed in both personal and professional pursuits. Beyond the camaraderie and brotherhood typical of Greek organizations, Beta Gamma Nu provides a supportive network of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common commitment to making a positive impact. 

Making connections across campus 

Beta Gamma Nu not only creates an extended family for its members, but also encourages them to get involved with other groups.  

Members of Beta Gamma Nu understand that respecting themselves also means respecting those around them. The fraternity teaches members that they are part of the community, and the community is part of each member. 

The organization does not want its members to be siloed. Students are encouraged to participate in campus events to find additional opportunities for belonging and teach the campus community about the positive contributions Greek organizations can make. The well-being of others is important to Beta Gamma Nu members. 

When students join Beta Gamma Nu, they are committing themselves to supporting the community at large. 

Multicultural Greek Council expansion 

With each new chapter that joins the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), students have more opportunities to find community and a sense of belonging at CU Boulder. 

Beta Gamma Nu provides a support system for students of color specifically to strengthen bonds and foster connections. The organization, along with the other six MGC fraternities and sororities, offers an inclusive place that may feel difficult for some students to find. 

By joining Beta Gamma Nu, you will also be joining the MGC, where you can explore your culture and identity through close friendships and mentorships, community service, and personal and leadership development opportunities. 

The three sororities and two other fraternities that make up the MGC at CU Boulder are: 

How to join Beta Gamma Nu 

Since Beta Gamma Nu is still a young fraternity, the organization’s story is still being written. You can be a part of that new story here at CU Boulder. 

Multicultural Greek Council intakes new members year-round. This means that there are no specific recruitment periods, and that there is always an opportunity to join one of these organizations at CU Boulder. 

If you are interested in joining Beta Gamma Nu and becoming a BeeGee, fill out the Multicultural Greek Council Interest Form or email chapter president Diego Quezada