beta gamma nu

Founded in 1997 at the University of Southern California, Beta Gamma Nu emerged as a distinct fraternity, separate from the traditional Greek system. Our visionary founders identified a need and established our fraternity upon the principles of pride in culture, brotherhood in arms and respect for all life. We embrace men who share these values, believing wholeheartedly in the potential for every man to experience a fulfilling college journey.

As our fraternity grows with new chapters and members, we strive to positively impact the students we encounter. Beta Gamma Nu, still in its youth among many esteemed fraternities, continues to shape its story. We are a diverse group, motivated to excel in our professional pursuits and to instill the values of culture, education, brotherhood and respect for life, community and family in all our members.

About Beta Gamma Nu

  • Beta Gamma NuMotto: “Pride in Culture, Brotherhood in Arms, and Respect for Life”
  • Founded: January 15th, 1997 University of Southern California
  • Founded at CU: December 13, 2018
  • Colors: Brown and Cream
  • Nickname: BeeGees
  • Beta Gamma Nu national website