Published: March 26, 2024

With the end of the year in sight, staying motivated and focused on academics can be challenging. But you want your hard work this semester to pay off. You can maintain your momentum and finish strong!

student working on computer outsideCheck-in with each class

Take time to review the syllabus for each class. Note the due dates for projects and finals. Consider whether you are on track to complete all coursework and understand the material for upcoming tests.  

Attend office hours with your professors to ask questions and clarify expectations for the end of the semester. Getting organized now can help you feel more prepared and on track. 

Get help when needed

When managing academics, activities, work, relationships and other commitments, things can sometimes get out of balance. In these situations, you may need to ask for help. CU Boulder offers many ways for students to get help. Your campus resources cover a wide range of needs to help you succeed. 

Specifically for academic support, you can connect with tutoring programs based on your unique needs and situation. The Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP) offers tutoring for all first-year students, including commuter students and students living on campus in the residence halls and Bear Creek. 

Avoid procrastination

After a long semester, putting off your commitments, like class work and studying, can be tempting. While getting distracted happens to the best of us, you don’t want to fall behind at the end of the semester. 

You can avoid procrastination with better time management. Tackling assignments a little at a time can make your work feel more manageable and significantly affect your academic success. Find a study spot where you can focus. Take breaks, study with friends and set realistic timelines to stay focused and avoid a late semester slide. 

Take care of yourself

Remember to take care of yourself while busy with school and other responsibilities. Wellness applies to a wide range of areas in your life, including sleep, nutrition, relationships and more.  

Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night and make time to eat nutritious meals. Reach out to friends and family and leave time in your schedule to have fun and connect with other people. Check out upcoming events for students

Set your priorities

College should be fun, but you can have fun and still stay focused on what matters for your future. Be intentional about your priorities and make choices that support your goals. 

Decide a reasonable amount of time you can spend going out with friends each week and stick to those limits. As the weather gets warmer and you feel tempted to skip class or other commitments, consider how that will impact your academic outcomes. 

Finish strong!

There are only a few weeks until the end of the semester. We encourage you to stay focused, ask for help and balance your social life with your other commitments. You can finish the semester strong and feel proud of your accomplishments. Check out resources and events to find support during finals