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Now is a great time to start exploring your housing options if you haven’t already. Students have a wide range of options for living in the Boulder community, including residence halls, apartment style living and off-campus residences. Most students live off campus after their first year, with more than 22,000 students living off campus throughout the Boulder community.  

Check out information and resources to help you make the best decision to fit your needs. 

Off-campus housing 

Thinking about where you’d like to live next year can be exciting and less stressful when you get a head start. While you may feel pressure to sign a lease early, it’s better to take the time to explore your options and wait until you find a housing situation that fits your needs and budget. Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations (OCHNR) is here to help if you have questions about living off campus. 

Do your research

Research different neighborhoods and housing options in the community.  

  • Create a budget that includes what you can afford for rent, utilities, internet and other expenses.  
  • Look at public transportation options.  
  • Check out the crime rates. 
  • Ask other students about their experiences living in their neighborhoods. 

Browse Ralphie’s List

Ralphie’s List is CU’s official rental database.  

  • Search for available student apartments, townhomes, condos and houses in the Boulder area. 
  • Filter by neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms and other categories. 
  • Use Ralphie’s List to find roommates. 
  • Popular Boulder neighborhood areas for students include The Hill, Martin Acres, East Aurora, Goss Grove and North Boulder. 

Consider occupancy limits

Before you make agreements with roommates for next year, consider occupancy limit rules. 

  • Review the city of Boulder's occupancy limits.  
  • The city recently updated the occupancy limits to allow five unrelated individuals to live together. However, this does not apply to every property, so talk with your future landlord to ensure you adhere to the limits. 
  • Both tenants and property owners can be subject to violations of over-occupancy and receive up to a $2,000 fine per day. 

Get legal advice

A lease is a legal contract you should understand before signing. 

Explore transportation options

Many students commute to campus for free with their Buff OneCard. RTD public transit has routes that serve all of Boulder and nearby communities. 

  • Review information on public transportation options to get to campus and how long it might take to walk or drive from your potential new home to campus. The Transit App can be a great resource. 
  • Consider researching properties in neighboring communities such as Longmont, Superior, Louisville or Lafayette with bus routes to campus. 

Understand your resources

Living off campus for the first time can feel a little intimidating, but OCHNR helps students connect to resources to help them have a successful experience.  

  • Check out the move-in kit for roommate agreements, check-in and check-out forms and other resources. 
  • Learn how to register your party to get a warning call for noise complaints. 
  • Sign up to join the Commuting Buffs program for access to the Commuter Lounge and other resources. 
  • Get legal advice for issues that may arise as a student tenant. 

Attend the housing fair 

Plan to attend the Spring Off-Campus Housing Fair on Feb. 15. Off-campus property managers, city offices and vendors will attend the event, where you can ask questions and explore more resources related to off-campus housing. 

Learn more about off-campus living. You can also email och@colorado.edu to get insight from a neighborhood ambassador for advice on your off-campus living experience. 

On-campus Housing

Returning undergraduate students can apply to live on campus in the residence halls, Bear Creek or Weber Hall. Some on-campus housing options have eligibility requirements based on living experiences. Learn more about the application process to live on campus

Published: Jan. 2, 2024