Our brand attributes help establish the personality behind our content—our consistent tone, attitude, character and values. Derived from our campus strategic vision and the foundational values expressed in our Colorado Creed, the “Be” statements listed below serve as guideposts for the human qualities we aspire to exhibit as a comprehensive public research university.

To build recognition of the consistent personality of CU Boulder messaging, two or three brand voice attributes should drive the tone and character of every CU Boulder communication. This short list of statements can also serve as inspiration for additional “Be” statements—based on the real stories of real CU Boulder community members—that connect with and help to establish a deeper understanding of what it means to Be Boulder as a part of CU.

We continuously strive to . . .

Be inspired: visionary, meaningful, authentic

Be innovative: curious, disruptive, transformative

Be inclusive: accepting, accessible, different

Be confident: brave, daring, bold

Be caring: honest, respectful, empathetic

Be noteworthy: futuristic, anticipatory, results-driven

Be Buffs: connected, proud, supportive—yet ruggedly independent

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