“Stampede Leadership Camp 2014 was a fun and exciting first college experience. Being new to CU-Boulder was an intimidating feeling but Stampede made it so I could meet new first-year students and the first-year students who I would be living with! I was very nervous to move in a week early all by myself and it was a window for me to take in college slowly and get to know my campus. My leadership group turned out to be an amazing group of people! We all immediately clicked and it was all thanks to our mentor. We spent the whole week together really getting to know one another and even spending time hanging out after camp. Not only was the social aspect of Stampede fun, but learning how we can utilize our skills of being leaders throughout college and the opportunities CU offers was something I loved. Stampede was one of the best decisions I made upon entering CU because it offered me time to settle into the college life and meet new friends that I continue to talk to today.

Yolanda Macias, 2014 Stampeder

“Stampede Leadership Camp is a great way for incoming first-year students to be integrated into CU's campus before the fall semester begins. I had SO much fun meeting all kinds of people from all around the world, and interacting with campus life before everyone else! The camp was anything but boring, as we had activities, volunteer opportunities and adventures across Boulder every day. Even after two semesters, I still remain friends with both my mentor and my group members, along with other awesome people that I met at camp. It was a great way for me to really get to know the campus and feel comfortable with where I would be attending school. If anyone has the opportunity to apply, they should take it as Stampede will always be a very fond memory of mine!”

Morgan Gallo, 2014 Stampeder

“I think my experience in Stampede Leadership Camp was mostly centered on getting comfortable around new people, and exploring campus for the first time without classes! My group’s mentor made the experience awesome. He was very social and outgoing, he helped a lot with making my group comfortable and feeling welcome. It was so much fun to be on campus early, meet some new people, and learn about some things to expect for my freshman year!”

Julian Claudio, 2014 Stampeder

“I found that the overall experience was really enjoyable and an excellent introduction to what things are actually like on campus. It helped me to learn that there are so many ways to get involved and feel included and integrated into such a large community."

Niesha Smith, 2014 Stampeder

“Stampede stressed that this was a very safe environment to learn more without being judged or criticized. It made my first days at CU everything I could've hoped for! I hope I can possibly be a Stampede mentor next year!”

Blaire Rodriguez, 2014 Stampeder

“Stampede Leadership Camp was a fantastic opportunity presented by the University of Colorado Boulder that allowed for first-year students to interact with mentors who were involved with various organizations as well as allow them to meet and interact with other first-year students in an environment that was not as intimidating as a lecture hall or dining halls.  It was a great way to find out ways to get involved on campus and helped first-year students form friendships and networks with people in their building, residential community, major, and across campus. All of the programs were beneficial in their own way. I really enjoyed having the groups separated by residence halls and think it was an effective way to create friendships. Overall, the main thing I took away from Stampede was the friendships I created. These friendships led to my involvement and leadership on campus.”

Monica Maly, 2014 Stampeder

“All around I think the camp ran very smoothly and all of the programs were very beneficial! I was in the group with students from many different residence halls and I felt that that helped me branch out even more because I was not always confined to students in my hall. My mentor was lively and ready to answer any question that I had about the school and classes—he was someone who knows the campus, residence life, information about classes, but is also excited and happy to be spending time with the incoming students!”

Rachel Maly, 2014 Stampeder

"My favorite part about the camp was that it was a chance to get to meet new people in a less stressful environment than the actual move in day and with that being said I'm still really good friends with some of the people that I met during the camp and I would recommend it to everyone!”

Davis Gidney, 2014 Stampeder

“Stampede was a blast, as well as, a great premier for college life. I felt like the groups we were put into were like mini reenactments of the breakfast club (in the best possible way). Those three days gave us Stampeders a chance to experience this beautiful town/campus before the great commotion began, which was rare, because upon move-in day this campus was busy as ever with students everywhere. I don't think there could be much to improve upon, it was truly a wonderful experience.”

Colin Grushkin, 2014 Stampeder

“I have had an awesome time working with the Stampede Leadership Camp. I participated my first year and mentored the summer between my sophomore and junior year. When I participated I loved that I was able to be personally introduced to the campus. The scavenger hunt helped me learn the names of buildings and get a bit of an understanding of the layout of the campus. That year we had people come from different student groups and talk to us which was really great, I learned about the Conference on World Affairs that way. I ended up volunteering my first semester here and going on to be an editor the following years. Overall, I really appreciated how welcomed I felt to the campus and having a mentor take the time to show me around and explain how things work and just be a really great resource. The night tour was awesome of course and I did really like having people from student groups come tell us about their organization. CU has too many options of things to get involved with! I liked having an inside scoop on some of those options. The workshops were fun and informative. I really love Stampede and hope it continues on this campus forever and grows and expands to be even better.”

Nieve Heskin, 2012 Stampeder, Stampede Mentor 2013, 2014

“The best part for me when I attended and mentored at Stampede Leadership Camp was simply being outside. That created a relaxed and fun environment for everyone. It also allowed room to move and room to think instead of being in a classroom. After attending the camp and mentoring for it I have realized that Stampede provided a great opportunity for myself to transition into college smoothly by meeting like-minded individuals and understanding that my development as a leader is an art and not a science. If you are looking for a great end to your summer and an amazing start to college, this camp is a great opportunity for you."

Peyton Harris, 2012 Stampeder, Former Stampede Mentor 2013, 2014