Shawg Ahmed

Yo Yo! What's down peeps?! I'm entering my second year, majoring in Bio-chemistry and minoring in Leadership Studies. I am passionate about mentoring students from minority backgrounds and encouraging them to pursue higher education, as I am tackling on the health field track.I aim to bring more diversity onto the CU Boulder campus, on the hopes of inspiring everyone to see their true potential. My top strengths are Achiever, Learner,...

Ali Armacost

Hi I'm Ali! I am currently majoring in IPHY and Psychology with the goal of going into nutrition counseling. I am a native Coloradan but love to travel all over the world. Chicago, Italy, Paris... I'm there! I'm an avid runner and a professional coffee drinker. I'm in CU's only all women's A Cappella group so you're bound to hear a tune from me at some point! I can't wait...

John Bellipanni

I’m a second-year Political Science student here at CU. I was in Stampede last year and I’m looking forward to showing many of you around campus during our 3-day-non-stop leadership extravaganza in August. A few things about me: I keep finding myself wrapped up in student involvement opportunities, I hang out with a 6’ inflatable palm tree named Joseph, I have a cool younger brother, I’m a Broncos fan, and...

Rachel Brennan

Hello! I'm Rachel, a junior in the EBIO program. I work as the stockroom lead at the bookstore and hike whenever I have the opportunity. I'm originally from Canandaigua, New York but am from Monument, Colorado. I hike, snowboard, mountain bike, and dabble in rock climbing (aka whimpy bouldering). This is now my third year involved in the stampede program. Fun facts about me- I like long walks on top...

Sarah Burns

I am a second year Chemical Engineering student who is also pursuing a Biomedical Engineering Minor. After college I plan on attending law school. I am an avid reader who loves the outdoors and writing. One of my favorite things to do is meet new people and hear their unique stories. Oh, and I don't like chocolate but I am addicted to frozen blueberries! I look forward to meeting you...

Kaylynn Fernando

My name is Kaylynn and I'm very excited to be a Stampede mentor this year. I'm a sophomore at CU studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in hopes to get to medical school. I'm Office Manager for Program Council on campus, and an active member in NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary). Last year I participated in Stampede, and in Hall Council as the VP of advertising for the Darley Towers...

Morgan Gallo

I have lived in Boulder almost my whole life, and am currently an incoming junior at CU! I am a hip hop enthusiast and avid dancer, as I am part of a hip hop dance crew down in Denver called COhe One Motive. My favorite pass times are dancing, listening to music and playing with my poodle, Lily. I love coffee, mangoes and anything chocolate. This is my third year...

Shiru Guo

I’m majoring in milkshakes and love drinking Chemical and Biological Engineering on hot summer days. After much experimentation , I have discovered that the best side dish to accompany Chem-Bio-Eng is a nice, cool minor in Biomedical Engineering. With that being said, I love eating, and all things sweet at that. But at the end of the day, and sometimes in the middle, my true passion lies in a good...

Brianna Huynh

Hi! I'm Brianna and I'll be a sophomore this year studying business with emphasis in Finance and Information Systems and a double major in Economics. On campus, I'm a brother in the Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity and a member in several programs within the Leeds School of Business. In addition I will also be serving as your Director of Business Administration for RHA! When I'm not doing these...

Eleanor Landsbaum

Hi everyone, I’m a triple major in Communication Political Science, and Jewish Studies from Houston, Texas. I’m involved in Phi Sigma Pi national honor fraternity, Hillel, and the Program in Jewish Studies. My hobbies include cheering on the Colorado Avalanche, face masks, hitting the rec, and drinking coffee by the gallon. My favorite food is whatever I’m currently eating. I am passionate about politics and social justice. I’m so excited...

Yin Lin Li

Hi, I'm Yinlin! I was "made in China", but I moved to CO when I was four and have been living here since. I am currently a sophomore studying Chemical and Biological Engineering and hope to go to Medical School one day or do tissue engineering. I would say I'm pretty outgoing, adventurous, funny at times, and I love to meet new people! I also love shrimp, naps, and my...

Monica Maly

Hey everyone! My name is Monica Maly and I am a junior studying Integrative Physiology with a dream of a career in Sports Nutrition! I am currently the Director of NACURH Communications for the Residence Hall Association (RHA), a student intern for the CU Athletics Sports Medicine Program, a teaching assistant for Nutrition, and a member of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew. I love being involved on campus and...

Rachel Maly

Hey yo hey, I'm Rachel! I am a business major with an emphasis on marketing and certificates in OPIM and TAM. So I basically do everything in the bschool possible, except for numbers. I have an insane obsession with vanilla iced coffee, succulents, bagels, and being over involved around campus. My over involvement includes and will most likely not be limited to, the Residence Hall Association as the Director of...

Erin Mercado

I'm currently studying integrative Physiology and Spanish. This upcoming year I will be the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) President. I'm really passionate about NRHH because it has strong beliefs in recognition and service. I love recognizing people and doing community service. Otherwise you can probably find me hiking a mountain somewhere or playing volleyball.

Alexandra Nelson

I am a third generation Minnesotan, by have lived in many states before coming to Colorado. I graduated high school here and fell in love with the beauty and stayed for college. I am currently studying Nursing, and I am a member of the Swim and Dive team here at CU. I love the outdoors and meeting new people.

Mary Rahjes

I am a sophomore in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying mechanical engineering. I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I am involved in the Society of Women Engineers. I love baseball and softball, working out, and rocking out to music. I love Walking Dead, The Mentalist, Gilmore Girls, and Survivor. I'm also a huge Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. I was a participant...

Olivia Squalls

Hello! My name is Olivia and I am a Colorado native. I am an MCDB major and an incoming Sophomore. Around campus I am involved with Black Student Alliance (BSA) and African Students' Association (ASA), I am the director of communication for ASA. Last year I also joined joined the hip hop club on campus, VeRVE Collisionz and I had a great time performing during our April dance competition. I...

Anna Todd

I am dual majoring in Geology (it Rocks!) and Anthropology, and I work in the Cosmogenic Isotope lab in my spare time (Yes, I really do get paid to research dinosaur weather ...) . I enjoy the Outdoors, Volleyball, and playing my Saxophone. I’m passionate about student leadership and was a CU Student Government Freshman Council Representative, Baker Hall Council Administration Vice President and I am currently serving as the...

Jenny Tran

Hello! I am a senior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Leadership Studies. I am a member of the Presidents Leadership Class, which has given me the opportunity to engage with all types of students who are interested in developing my leadership skills. Also I have been involved in RHA and NRHH since I was a wee little first year student and it has been quite the adventure. When...

Amelia Westerdale

Greetings from space! I am studying Applied Mathematics and minoring in Spanish. I am an outreach officer for the Society of Women Engineers, that means that I go to schools to teach kids about the STEM field and encourage them to pursue engineering as a career. I am also a Physics Learning Assistant. I love chocolate, hippopotamuses, and astronomy.