Published: Nov. 5, 2019

The Conflict Resolution program at CU Boulder operates from the understanding that conflict is inevitable and, by employing effective strategies for managing conflict, we can turn challenging exchanges into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Trainings & Presentations
Trainings and presentations are available for staff, faculty, and students with the goal of promoting effective conflict management on campus. Participants can explore techniques for de-escalating heightened situations, learn the unique styles that people utilize when in conflict, and gain skills for mediating conflicts when they arise. These group trainings are interactive and tailored to the specific needs of the participants. A full list of trainings and presentations is available here.

Services & Resources
Circle Processes are facilitated dialogues through which groups come together and share experiences as they relate to a topic or context. The process is valuable for its ability to elicit individual perspectives, allow for meaningful reflection, strengthen community, and alter normative dynamics of communication. At CU this process has found success in helping groups to process high impact incidents, manage transition, resolve conflicts, and establish systems of support among members.

The Conflict Resolution staff are also available to provide guidance around the management of conflict. Individual conflict coaching offers a space for participants to consider their approach to conflict while developing skills and strategies for conflict management. Facilitated Mediation is also available for students experiencing conflict with their peers.

A full list of Conflict Resolution services and resources is available here.
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