Jeff Thayer
SWx TREC Faculty Director, Professor
Aerospace Engineering Sciences • Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR)

Jeff’s research program is rooted in applying engineering solutions to study the aerospace environment from our Earth’s surface to the geospace environment—the region of space strongly influenced by Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. He specializes in geophysical fluid dynamics, gas and plasma interactions, thermodynamics, and electrodynamics applied to the atmosphere and geospace. This field of research has increased over the years as our society rapidly becomes more economically and socially dependent on space and space assets. Understanding the atmosphere and the geospace environment is critical to our space-reliant society; and indications are that this field will continue to grow. Jeff also engineers active remote sensing techniques by designing, developing, deploying, and applying laser radars (lidars) in geoscience studies and radar in geospace studies. Jeff’s active remote sensing techniques effectively bridge and balance engineering concepts and solutions with an acute understanding of scientific expectations. Lidar remote sensing is a rapidly developing field with broad applications. Jeff has patented lidar techniques and is the chief technology officer of a startup company called ASTRALiTe , applying these techniques to drone-based platforms for topographic and bathymetric 3-D mapping.