About SWx TREC

The Space Weather Technology, Research and Education Center (SWx TREC) was conceived by Dr. Thomas Berger, Prof. Jeffrey Thayer, and Prof. Daniel Baker to serve as a catalyst site for space weather research and technology development among University of Colorado (CU) and other regional Front Range space research and technology organizations. In 2017 the CU Boulder Chancellor's Office selected SWx TREC as one of two new Grand Challenge Centers with three years of seed funding to stand up operations within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS). Since 2017, SWx TREC has advanced to occupy a fourth-floor office space in the new Aerospace Engineering building on the East Campus of CU Boulder, adjacent to the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). TREC has formed an External Advisory Board (EAB), developed new lines of space weather research at CU Boulder, collaborated with local, regional, national, and international space physics and space weather organizations, and won several major NASA and NSF grants. 

What does "SWx" mean?

A common abbreviation for weather in the operational forecasting and aviation industries is "Wx". By analogy, space weather is abbreviated "SWx" and typically pronounced as "space weather" rather than "swix". 

Our Vision

SWx TREC advances knowledge and develops innovative technology to improve space weather forecasting and educate space weather researchers and professionals.

Our Mission

SWx TREC will serve as a campus, regional, and national collaboration hub to  

  • Conduct forefront research to improve our understanding of space weather phenomena
  • Develop new innovative instruments, missions, applications, and data science tools to improve space weather forecasting
  • Educate the next generation of researchers and professionals in the art and science of space weather forecasting


SWx TREC media coverage and the SWx TREC press contact can be found on our Press page.

External Advisory Board

The SWx TREC External Advisory Board (EAB) consists of academic, industry, commercial, and government agency leaders in the space weather enterprise. The EAB is chartered as a consulting board to help guide SWx TREC research and technology developments and ensure that TREC remains current on space weather trends in the wider global enterprise. EAB members are appointed by the SWx TREC Executive Committee, with terms of service lasting three years. 


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