Completion of 15 credit hours (5 courses) is required for the minor, distributed as follows:

  • ASEN 1969 – Pathway to Space (3 credit hours)
    • This class is open to all freshmen, sophomore and juniors only
  • Four elective courses with a focus or connection to  space from courses across campus broken down into the following categories (12 credit hours)*
    • 1 Technological, Political and Social impacts of Space flight course (3 credit hours) 
    • 1 Earth, Space and the Universe course (3 credit hours)
    • 1 Arts and Humanities of Space course (3 credit hours)
    • 1 Free elective – Any category course (3 credit hours)

Requirements for the minor are met by completing the required Pathway to Space course and four approved electives. Three of the four elective courses must be completed at the CU Boulder campus. One elective course may be transferred from another institution with approval.


These requirements are reflected in the degree audit, that students can access on the buff portal. It is the students responsibility to understand the requirements for completing the minor. If you have any questions, please use the Space Minor drop-in hours found on the Buff Portal Advising website, or send an email to the


Grade Requirements

A grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better is required in the courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for this minor.  Each individual course that is counted towards these degree requirements must be passed with a D- or better.  Note, however that a C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses to move on to a subsequent course.


Requirements for Space Minor Enrollment

If you're interested in enrolling in the Space Minor, please follow these admission requirement steps:
•    be an admitted student at the University of Colorado Boulder
•    complete the online Space Minor enrollment form

Note: for planning purposes, the Pathway to Space course is required for this minor, and must be taken prior to your senior year.



Visit our Contact Page, or email the Space Minor email acocunt (