graphic of solchar prototypeThe Sol-Char Toilet is a waterless, self-contained toilet that can function completely off-the-grid through the utilization of concentrated solar power. Concentrated sunlight is delivered to fiber optic bundles located at the focus of parabolic concentrators. The fiber optic cables are fed to the reaction compartment of the Sol-Char where the various individual cables are terminated at an outer or “solar” lid positioned over the waste collection container. The innovative transmission of solar power illuminates the inner collection container and disinfects the waste though convection and radiation heat transfer. The reaction compartment comprises two containers that are alternated between “collection” and “reaction” modes via a simple carousel system that can be automated (powered with photovoltaic energy) or manually controlled. The reactor is designed to achieve high temperatures with minimal heat loss due to specially designed insulation and produces a safe and useable product. The Sol-Char toilet can be developed for virtually any number of users with solar power input scaled accordingly. Means for innovative odor control and final product storage/collection are also being developed as a part of the Sol-Char.