The Sol-Char Toilet received significant radio, print and online coverage.  Below is a selection of the 759 articles covering the Sol-Char project:

Four toilets of the future that are backed by Bill Gates, Tech Insider, March 2016

Saubere Toiletten sind eine dringend benötigte Innovation, Netzpiloten, November 30, 2015

Toilet talk: meeting one of the world’s grand challenges with innovation, The Conversation, November 19, 2015

Is This The World's Most Advanced Toilet?, CNBC Sustainable Energy Special Report, September 21, 2015

Bajs Blir Biokol, VVS Forum - Tema Toaletter, October 2014 Issue  (Sweden)

Toilet Tech Fair Tackles Global Sanitation Woes, Yahoo! News, March 22, 2014

No Water, No Problem For CU-Boulder's New Solar Toilet, Public Broadcasting Online, March 13, 2014

CU-Boulder Team Ready to Showcase Reinvented Toilet, Daily Camera Online, March 12, 2014

Could a Toilet Reinvention Help Save $260 Billion Worldwide?, Los Angeles Daily News, March 24, 2014

Boulder scientists return after unveiling new solar toilet in India,Colorado Matters- Colorado Public Radio, April 7, 2014 

This Toilet Will Zap Your Poo Into Fuel (And Save Lives), Huffington Post, March 19, 2014

Bill Gates-backed SOLAR POO RAYGUN COMMODE unveiled, The Register, March 13, 2014

Researchers Build Innovative, Solar-Powered Toilet, NASA Briefs - Online, March 21, 2014

Solar-Powered Toilet Turns Poop Into Charcoal-Like Pellets, Mashable, March 18, 2014

These Solar-Thermal Toilets are Carbon-Sequestering Charcoal Factories Gizmodo UK, March 17, 2014

World's first solar-powered toilet set for India launch, CNN-IBN Online, March 14, 2014

CU-Boulder team ready to showcase reinvented toilet, Denver Post Online, March 13, 2014

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Awards Grant To CU-Boulder To Build Waterless, Solar-Powered Toilet (PHOTOS), Huffington Post, August 15, 2012