Published: April 23, 2021

The Racial/Ethnic Inequalities Research Awards support graduate students of color as well as graduate student research on race/ethnicity.  For summer 2021, we are able to fund seven exciting research projects. The award winners and their project titles are: 

  • Jose Sanchez and Jen Tostlebe: "Where colors collide: Does race moderate the gang membership and misconduct association?"
  • Melissa Villarreal: Dissertation research (intersectional, multi-level analysis of Mexican immigrants and their disproportionate vulnerability in post-disaster recovery)
  • Kim Truong-Vu: Dissertation research (examining Asian American subgroup differences in the likelihood of initiating the HPV vaccine series)
  • Adenife Modile: Dissertation research: “Anemia in Sub-Saharan Africa: improved Understanding of the Determinants of Maternal Iron Deficiency”
  • Jocelyn West: Third year Paper research: "What’s in an Index? Evaluating a Measure of Social Vulnerability in Puerto Rico"
  • Jax Gonzalez: Dissertation research (examination of critical teacher education program)
  • Micah Pyles and Asa Iacobucci: "The ‘Color of COVID:’ Historicizing the Structural Disparities that Drive Disproportionate Mortality Rates among African American Communities"