Offered: Fall, 2017
Rachel Rinaldo

Girl Empowerment

Why is Islam stereotyped as oppressing women? Why do many Muslim women veil? What do Muslims think about women's rights? What does it mean to be a Muslim man or woman in the contemporary world? 

The rights, roles, and appearances of Muslim women have been the focus of intense debates in recent years. This class will explore Islam and gender in the contemporary world, with emphasis on Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Topics will include the rise of Muslim 'fundamentalist' movements and their impact on women, the status of women in Islamic religious texts, marriage and family in Muslim societies, Muslim fashion and popular culture, the rise of Muslim feminism, LGBTQ issues in Muslim societies, and changes in Muslim masculinity. 

Please note that the prerequisites that may be currently listed in the system have changed. This class is open to any junior or senior, and to others by instructor permission. Students should contact the sociology department if they are having difficulty enrolling.