Published: July 8, 2017

This July, the Social Reactors Project team is convening an international conference at the British School at Rome focusing on the relationship, if any, between urbanization and economic development in the ancient Mediterranean world. The inspiration for this  meeting derives from recent research on urbanization and socio-economic development in in both ancient and modern settings which suggests the relationship is not as straightforward as once thought. Thus, the time appears to be right for a transdisciplinary conversation. The workshop will bring together a distinguished group of scholars to discuss these issues in an informal setting. Participants include: Scott Ortman (CU Boulder/SFI), Jack Hanson (CU Boulder), Jose Lobo (Arizona State), Luis Bettencourt (Chicago/SFI), Michael Smith (Arizona State), Peter Bang (Copenhagen), Douglas Gollin (Oxford), Cheryl Doss (Oxford), Wim Jongman (Groningen), Analisa Marzano (Reading), Elio Lo Cascio (Sapienza), Marco Maiuro (Sapienza), Paolo Malanima (Magna Graecia), Francesca Fulminante (Cambridge), Josh Ober (Stanford), Rob Witcher (Durham), Celine Rosenblatt (Lausanne), and Remi Jedwab (George Washington).