Published: Aug. 1, 2020

Many members of the lab took part in what was an excellent virtual Botany conference. This new format meant that much broader participation by botanists around the world, and the Botany team did an outstanding job of making the online conference fun and interactive.

  • Chelsea presented a lightning talk on her research showing intraspecific variation in self-incompatibility in Physalis acutifolia (photo below left)
  • Rocío and Peter Wilf presented a new lantern fruit fossil from Laguna del Hunco
  • Luke gave the first peek into our new transcriptomic-based phylogeny for Petunieae. Click here to listen to it!
  • Sukuan presented his phylogenetic analysis of Heliamphora (Sarracenaceae) as part of the colloquium on Plant life in Neotropical Rocky outcrops
  • Miranda shared her work showing that the metallic blue color ofViburnum tinus fruit (below right) are due to plates of lipids (now published in Current Biology and featured in the New York Times!)
  • Jesse presented his new RADSeq phylogeny for Clematis section Viorna, a complex North American group with colorful urceolate flowers

Congrats to everyone on their wonderful presentations!

Pacut     Vtinus