Published: June 23, 2017

Lab People

At Evolution 2017 in Portland:

  • Julienne Ng will be talking about how floral anthocyanin pigments evolve in a stepwise manner in the tomato family, Solanaceae. 
  • Rob Laport will be presenting a talk on his research into polyploid pollinator differences and ecological speciation, and a poster describing Will's undergraduate research into the effect of non-native species on community structure using comparative methods.
  • Max Larter will be giving a talk about gene expression and the macroevolution of flower color in Iochrominae.
  • Stacey will kick off the Sunday afternoon SSB symposium with a short introduction on phylogenetic approaches to connecting genotypes and phenotypes.

At Botany 2017 in Fort Worth:

  • Rocío Deanna will be giving a talk about the phylogenetic relationships and biogeographical origin of Deprea (Solanaceae) and will be presenting a poster about the distribution and conservation assessment of this neotropical genus.
  • Julia Dupin will give a talk on the historical biogeography and environmental niche evolution of Datureae, and present a poster on the evolution of fruit type in Datureae.
  • Chelsea Pretz will be presenting a poster on niche modeling in the genus Physalis (tomatillo and its relatives). 

Stacey will also be traveling later this summer to the Pan-Am Evo-Devo meeting in Calagary where she will give a presentation about genetics and the macroevolution of flower color in the tomato family.

We look forward to catching up with all our colleagues at the meetings!  Let's talk science!