Raman Microspectroscopy Laboratory

Facility summary


  • Location: BESC 125B
  • Technology focus: Raman spectroscopy
  • Microscope equipment summary: Horiba Labram HR Evolution confocal Raman spectrometer with 532/785 nm lasers, Nicolet 670 FTIR and Continuµm FTIR microscope.
  • Open to: CU Boulder, external and industry use

The Raman Microspectroscopy Laboratory is a core research facility housed in the Department of Geological Sciences for fast, non-destructive characterization and chemical imaging of diverse materials spanning rocks and minerals (thin sections & powders), biological samples, fluids, gases and much more.

Our instrument is especially optimized for fast hyperspectral imaging of complex samples and materials, where a full Raman spectrum is collected at every pixel. This technique, combined with advanced multivariate statistical techniques, facilitates the detection and identification of all Raman-active species present in the area of interest.

Our facility also provides users with access to a FTIR microscope and data processing facilities.

Jessica Hankins

Jessica Hankins
Lab Manager

Eric Ellison

Eric Ellison