2021 SCR Symposium

The 2021 SCR Symposium will take place (over Zoom) on Monday, May 10th. Featuring keynote speakers Featuring keynote speakers Joshua Mendell (UT Southwestern) and Thomas Vierbuchen (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center).

2020 SCR Symposium

Featuring keynote speakers Jennifer Lippincoft-Schwartz and Harmut Malik

2020 SCR symposium poster

2019 SCR Symposium

Featuring keynote speakers Eric Olson and Janelle Ayres

2019 SCR symposium poster


2018 SCR Symposium

Featuring keynote speakers Karen Adelman and Liam Holt

2018 SCR symposium poster


2017 SCR Symposium

Featuring keynote speakers Tim Mitchison and Adam Frost

2017 SCR symposium flyer


2016 SCR Symposium

Featuring keynote speakers Tobias Meyer (Stanford) and Jonathan Weissman (UCSF)

2016 SCR symposium poster


2015 SCR Symposium

2015 Symposium Poster

Featuring keynote speakers:

Matthew Warman - "Visualization and evolution of transcriptional enhancers controlling animal development"

 Michael Levine (now at Princeton) - "Recognizing somatic mosaic overgrowthdisorders, finding their cause, and modeling these disorders in mice"


 SCR Symposium 2014

Featuring keynote speakers Nicole King and  Pietro De Camilli

2014 Symposium Poster


SCR Symposium 2013

2013 Symposium Poster

Featuring keynote speakers:

Kevan Shokat, UCSF - “Chemical Approaches to Deciphering and Controlling Signal Transduction Pathways”

Toshio Tsukiyama, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - “Regulation and functions of chromatin remodeling”


SCR Symposium 2012

2012 Symposium Poster

Featuring keynote speakers:

Joe Kao, University of Maryland - "Probing Cellular Signaling with light"

JoAnne Trejo, UCSD Medical School - "Protease-activated receptor signaling, endothelial cells and ubiquitin"


2011 Symposium Poster


Featuring keynote speakers:

Harvey Lodish, MIT - "From Hematopoietic Stem Cell to Erythroblast: Regulation of Red Cell Production at Multiple Levels"

Patrick O'Farrell, UCSF - "Pacing Early Embryogenesis"