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K-8 summer camp and high school class instructors teach one or more programs throughout the summer season, depending on their interests and availability. Instructors deliver programs that have already been developed and tested by Science Discovery or, if they are interested in a specific STEM-related topic, they may work together with Science Discovery to develop a new program. Compensation for curriculum development may be available. Throughout the school year, Science Discovery operates a variety of afterschool, district day-off, weekend, holiday and homeschool classes. Instructors teach classes that have been taught previously in various settings, containing tried and true activities that past students have tested and approved. Afterschool and homeschool classes typically fall in to a single day/multi-week format, lasting approximately 2 hours per session. District day-off and holiday programs are primarily single-day, full-day programs. Science Discovery’s School and Teacher Programs include hour-long programs for K-12 classrooms, libraries and events and full-day STEM immersion programs for 1-3 classrooms. These programs serve schools, districts, teachers and libraries throughout Boulder, Denver and various rural locations throughout the state.

CU Science Discovery hires temporary instructors for the fall, spring and summer semesters with the working title of Lecturer and undergraduate students as Teaching Assistants. 

The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to building a culturally diverse community of faculty, staff and students dedicated to contributing to an inclusive campus environment. We are an Equal Opportunity employer, including veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Who We Are

CU Science Discovery is a science education outreach program of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education. Each program utilizes CU scientific expertise, equipment, resources and graduate or undergraduate students in order to provide K-12 students and teachers with unique, experiential learning STEM experiences.

What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be

Your key responsibilities will be teaching in-person, outdoors, via a virtual platform or a combination thereof.

What You Should Know

These appointments are temporary in nature and for the duration indicated only.

What We Can Offer for Instructors:

  • Virtual Instruction: $24 per hour
  • In-Person or Hybrid Instruction:
    • Category 1: Teachers in undergraduate degree program: $18 per hour
    • Category 2: Teachers with one to two years teaching experience: $20 per hour
    • Category 3: Teachers with three to four years of teaching experience: $22 per hour
    • Category 4: Teachers with five to six years of teaching experience: $24 per hour
    • Category 5: Teachers with seven to ten years of teaching experience: $26 per hour
    • Category 6: Teachers with 10 or more years of teaching experience: $28 per hour
  • Non-Certified Teachers:
    • Category 2 = 2-4 years with Science Discovery
    • Category 3 = 5-6 years with Science Discovery
    • Category 4 = 7-8 years with Science Discovery
    • Category 5 = 11-12 years with Science Discovery
    • Category 6 = 12 years or more with Science Discovery

What We Can Offer for Teaching Assistants:

$15 per hour


Temporary instructor and teaching assistant (TA) appointments are eligible for accrued sick time. Sick time is earned on a prorated basis, and is calculated at 24 hours of accrued sick time per academic term for full time (100%) appointments or a combination of appointments during the same term of employment. 

A combination of appointments of 50% or above for a semester are eligible for health benefits.

Instructor and TA requirements:

  • Instructors are typically graduate students in STEM (or related) fields, in-service or retired STEM teachers.
  • TAs are typically undergraduate students in STEM fields.

What You Will Need

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be successful in the role
  • Teaching experience or work equivalency to the course material
  • Love of science and enjoy teaching
  • Enjoy working with children of all ages 

To apply for a temporary lecturer or teaching assistant position, please contact Jordan Kaseeska via email.