CU Science Discovery offers a variety of opportunities for CU Boulder faculty to share their STEM research with broad public audiences, while fulfilling NSF and other Federal grant Broader Impacts requirements. Faculty partners connect their scientific work to Science Discovery’s outreach efforts in a variety of ways.

Examples of Broader Impacts activities: 

  • Contributing content and expertise to Science Discovery classes, camps or outreach programs for K-12 students
  • Mentoring high school student researchers
  • Providing visiting K-12 students a window into your research while on campus or at a local field site
  • Providing hands-on teacher training and follow-up support through school and teacher programs
  • Involving graduate students and post-docs in outreach programs
  • Contributing scientific expertise, resources and equipment
  • Ensuring scientific accuracy of education materials
  • Developing hands-on demonstrations related to your research through Science Discovery’s Portal to the Public (PoP) program

Successfully funded Broader Impacts collaborations:

  • Aerospace Engineering Sciences (NASA SUITS Team)
  • Aerospace Engineering Sciences (Tomoko Matsuo) 
  • Applied Mathematics (Nancy Rodriguez, NSF CAREER)
  • Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory (Suzanne Anderson)
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (C. Wyatt Shields, NSF CAREER)
  • Computer Science (Ash Utosh Trivedi, NSF CAREER)
  • Computer Science (ChenHao Tan)
  • Computer Science (Tom Yeh)
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Scott Taylor) 
  • Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (Emiliano Dal'Anese, NSF CAREER)
  • Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (Juliet Gopinath, NSF CAREER)
  • Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (Xudong Chen, NSF CAREER)
  • Environmental Studies (Daniel Doak and Megan Peterson) 
  • Geography (Katherine Lininger)
  • INSTAAR (Sarah Crump and Julio Sepulveda)
  • Mathematics (Sean O'Rourke, NSF CAREER)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Daniel Knight, Shelly Miller and Shivakant Mishra)
  • Mechanical and Environmental Engineering (Marina Vance, NSF CAREER)
  • McMurdo-Dry Valleys LTER (Michael Gooseff)
  • Niwot Ridge LTER (Kathrine Suding)
  • Soft Materials Research Center (Noel Clark) 
  • STROBE (Margaret Murnane)

Interested in bringing your science to K-12 students, teachers and the community? Contact Alexandra Rose via email.