What can you tell about a dinosaur’s behavior by examining fossils of its teeth? Just how many teeth did a T-Rex have? How did Stegosaurus protect itself from Allosaurus? Why did Diplodocus swallow stones? Through hands-on experience with fossils and casts, students will discover the adaptations and behaviors of some of Earth’s famous past residents, the dinosaurs. Students will examine fossils and explore the lives of dinosaurs; how they hunted, ate and defended themselves. Aside from the dinosaur specimens, a sampling of additional fossils will show evidence of some of the other ancient life forms that once existed on Earth.

Supports CDE Academic Standards for Life Science and Earth Systems Science.

This program is offered in partnership with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.

Group size: PreK-K: up to 25 students; Grades 1-12: up to 45 students
Grades: PreK-12
Cost: $195 per presentation; $125 for each additional presentation

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