Headshot of Stacey Forsyth
Stacey Forsyth
Director • Build a Better Book (Co-PI)
Headshot of Thia Munoz
Thia Munoz
Informal STEM Programs Manager • Summer Programs • School Year Programs
Headshot of Tim Ogino
Tim Ogino
School and Teacher Programs Manager
Meena Palaniappan
Meena Palaniappan
Finance and Human Resources Manager
Headshot of Kathryn Penzkover
Kathryn Penzkover
Assistant Director • Build a Better Book • STEM Research Experience • Science Communication
Alexandra Rose
Alex Rose
Broader Impacts Liaison • Teen Science Café • Science Communication and Outreach • McMurdo and Niwot LTER Programs
Scott Sieke
Scott Sieke
School and Teacher Programs • STEM Instructor
Maggie Warren
Maggie Warren
Marketing and Communications Manager • Scholarships • Donation Requests • Special Needs Coordination
Gigi Yang
Gigi Yang
Build a Better Book Coordinator