I joined the faculty at the University of Colorado to fully dedicate myself to the teaching and training of students and post-doctoral associates.  

My training philosophy is:

  • Identify and define project goals and milestones to enable early success
  • Equip personnel with appropriate training, expertise, and world-class equipment to initiate and complete impactful research
  • Through individual mentoring and R+PM Group culture, model the art of functional materials research 
  • Continuous emphasis on communication skill development and refinement
  • Maturation of scientific expertise
  • Facilitate autonomy
  • Transition from mentee to mentor

Success in the R+PM Group is defined as:

  • Mastery (as a researcher, as a communicator, as a teammate)
  • Productivity (impactful research disseminated in journals and national/international conferences)
  • Personal and professional fulfillment

Prof. White in his own words:

Come join us!